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RW Edition precision screwdriver set 41 pieces with Reinhold Würth signature

Precision screwdriver set RW EDITION 41 pcs

Art.-no. 06132024
EAN 4099618028090

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RW Edition precision screwdriver set 41 pieces with Reinhold Würth signature

Art.-no. 06132024

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Perfect for all fine and delicate screwing work where finesse is required

Comfortable and convenient working thanks to 2-component precision engineering screwdriver handle

  • Antistatic ESD protects from discharge and provides maximum safety for electrical devices

  • Additionally with rotatable end cap with finger recess for optimum working

Plastic box with innovative magnetic closure for safe storage of the tools

  • Both magnetic bit bars automatically fan out when the box is opened and enable very convenient bit removal

  • Printed bit strips ensure fast identification of the desired bits

  • Dimensions: 154 x 75 x 30 mm

40 high-quality 4 mm standard or safety bits made from chromium-vanadium steel

  • 1 x precision engineering screwdriver

  • 1 x each PH000; PH00; PH0; PH1 and PH2 bits

  • 1 x each 1; 1.5; 2 and 3 mm slotted bits

  • 1 x each 1.5; 2; 2.5 and 3 mm hexagon socket bits

  • 1 x each 2; 3; 4 and 5 TX bits

  • 1 x each 6; 7; 8; 9; 10 and 15 TX bits with hole

  • 1 x each P2; P3; P4 and P5 pentalobe bits

  • 1 x each 2.5 and 3 mm sockets

  • 1 x each SQ1 and SQ2 triple square bits

  • 1 x each Y000; Y00; Y0 and Y1 Y-type bits

  • 1 x each 2 and 2.6 mm triangular bits

  • 1 x U2.6 claw bit

  • 1 x SIM card ejection

  • 1 x PH00 bit with pin
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Application area

For electricians, model makers, hardware installers or simply when working with small screws

Number of pieces in assortment/set

41 PCS

Material of handle

2-component plastic


Chrome-vanadium steel

Tip size

4 mm

Handle length (A)

103 mm

Length of turning cap (B)

25.2 mm

Cap diameter (C)

14.2 mm

Handle diameter (D)

9 mm

Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

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